CB Pro Coaching offers one-to-ones to students interested in accelerating their football education. It gives us the opportunity to give very personalised coaching sessions to improving touch, skill and very importantly, awareness. Commitment is essential for the students to get the maximum benefit from these periods as well as our group sessions.


Nothing is superfluous or wasted, after a lifetime within the sport our programme has been tailored to meet modern professional requirements.

Nevertheless, one-to-one coaching gives us the chance to fine-tune our syllabus to the individual.


As it is a team ball sport the students must develop a relationship with the football as early as possible. This comes with consistent training and individual practice. Our continual assessment philosophy will identify those who are practising what we are preaching and those who require a bit more encouragement.

If you are interested in a one on one session please contact Craig to see what options are available! or +447876766685



CB Pro Coaching runs elite sessions for ages between 8-13 and a Sunday development centre for ages 8-12. These sessions are based around the individual looking to improve their footballing ability, knowledge and understanding of the game working in a team environment.


If you are interested please contact Craig to see what options are available! or +447876766685